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October 1, 2019 | Results of September 2019 | Current Situation on the Managed Accounts Program | MAM accounts

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
For September 2019, a loss was recorded for the systems. There were, are and will be periods of drawdowns, since everything in this world is cyclical and trading results are no exception, growth always follows a decline or stagnation in growth occurs for some time and this should be taken normally. The following results are shown for the month: 
1) System “Myfxmap com” (Currency futures CME Group) - 6.5%, current profit for 2019 + 14.3% | https://collective2.com/details/117695605 
2) System “MAP Capital Investment” (Forex) - 3.2%, current profit for 2019 + 14.0% | https://collective2.com/details/121833418 
3) Trading system on Darwinex "QSG" - 4.17%, current profit for 2019 + 21.75% | https://www.darwinex.com/darwin/QSG.4.4 
4) The Managed Accounts Program provides you with an individual approach that can help you adapt the trading system to suit your investment needs through MAM accounts with brokers Swissquote, Interactive Brokers, Oanda (US, Canada, Australia, Japan, UK, Singapore) , Daniels Trading | Gain Capital. The minimum connection amount is from 100 000 USD (Forex), from 250 000 USD (Currency Futures CME Group). Payment is made only upon the profit received for the period, no additional fees are paid from you, only the success fee | https://myfxmap.com/services 
Contact for communication | info@myfxmap.com